Guest post by Junaid Ali Qureshi

Landing pages usually have one purpose-to encourage a website visitor to answer to a desired Call-To-Action like sign up, subscribe, make a purchase, and more. It doesn’t matter what business you are running whether it be an SEO agency or a Website development company, a good landing page is essential for successful marketing. A Landing page is key tools necessary to drive conversion for businesses. Marketers utilizes the powers of these pages to generate quality leads, build customers and even build brand loyalty. This tool has proven effective in collecting information from visitors and successful converting them by selling of products to or services. A good landing page ensures that most visitors perform the desired action on the landing page. One vital aspect of using landing pages is paying keen attention to analytics. This helps provide insights about how to improve performance. Finding the right balance between design aesthetics and high conversion may take a little practice. For example, having a landing page full of text and little to no images or video generates low engagement and by extension, low conversion rates. Marketers looking to gain insights on improving the effectiveness of their landing pages ask questions like;

Does change in marketing trends affect the effectiveness of landing pages?

If landing pages convert well is there any need for a redesign?

This article exposes 5 important signs that clearly indicate your landing page requires a redesign. If your landing pages work fine, there may not be a reason to change. But when you notice any of the signs below, it’s time to effect some changes.

  1. Low Conversion Rates

It is possible one of the reasons you are reading this article is the fact that the conversion rate of your website has dropped and you are wondering what to do. Conversion is the main purpose of creating landing pages. When the landing page conversion rate becomes low, it is a clear indication you need to redesign. Low conversion rates may be a direct effect of poor design or mediocre page content. However if the page once converted at a high rate, it is possible the page may becoming obsolete. To find out how to measure the conversion rate of your landing pages check out this Article. It is necessary to keep track of your conversion rate in order to tell when it drops. When the general conversion rate of your entire website is dropping, it has become absolutely necessary to effect changes as soon as possible. Where page design or content is the problem, adding graphics or video content can improve conversion rates.

  1. When An Essential Element Is Absent

For pages to function optimally there are certain elements that are required. Landing pages require certain essential elements and with one or more is missing, there is a need to include them. Some of these elements include a headline, an image or video, text, a CALL-TO-ACTION button, and a form.

A headline is what explains what the offer is, supported by the text and image. Forms are for collection of information and the call to action button directs the visitor on what to do on the website. Remember not to add other unnecessary elements to the landing page as this may overwhelm the visitor. It is also important to ensure an image is part of the content; this way, the page looks more visually pleasing.

  1. When Your Landing Page Fails The Blink Test

The 5-second blink test has gained sufficient popularity amongst website developers in the past decade. It is referred to as the first 3 to 5 seconds a website visitor lands on a page and makes a decision about their next action. They may decide to leave or go further into the website. To pass the test, it is expected that more visitors get the urge to continue on the website by performing a certain task like; fill a form, or click on a link. When more visitors decide to leave the website on their first 5 seconds of arrival, it is a clear indication there is a need for a redesign. To try out the test visit UsabilityHub to discover how the landing page performs. Is it possible people aren’t converting because they do not stay for more than a few seconds?

  1. Poor Leads

Leads are supposed to be followed up by sales representatives in order to encourage them to become paying customers. Where your landing page generates little or poor leads, it is time to back to the drawing board. Some these actions may be helpful in improving quality of leads

  • Targeting advertising strictly to the target audience.
  • Reducing the length of your registration form collecting only relevant information that may aid follow up
  • Rewrite your headline, making it catchier and more targeted.
  • Incorporate relevant images or video on the landing page
  • Reduce the number of navigation buttons, reduce the offers and build specific landing pages for different products.
  • Train your sales team to optimize their performance

When you make the adjustments above and the quality of leads does not improve. It is inevitable to get a landing page redesign.

  1. When The Page Is Not Optimized For Mobile

It is evident that the era of mobile devices is here, and it is here to stay-at least for now. A landing page should be optimized for mobile because bulk of the traffic websites get is from mobile devices. In this era of responsive design, it is like shooting yourself on the foot when your website is not optimized for mobile. It is advised to check landing pages on mobile to ensure the user experience is not limited. Where there are complications with mobile access to your landing pages, it is a sign your page is stuck in the past. If your business wants anything; it is to foresee the future needs of customers and satisfy them- not remain stuck on an unresponsive web page in the past. Hence, the need for a redesign!

Junaid Ali Qureshi

is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Progostech, Magentodevelopers.online.eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.