5 Things to Do Before Self-Publishing Your Book

self-publishing your book

You’ve been working on your manuscript for months, and now, you’re almost ready to officially put your self-published book up for sale. Whether you’ve been writing an ebook, a collection of poems, or a paperback novel, you’re so excited to share your book with the world! But publishing a book is actually a team effort, and by working with a graphic designer like Caligraphics Design, you can give your book some extra pizzazz and ensure that it looks polished. Here’s how to put the finishing touches on your self-published manuscript!

Hire a Graphic Designer

You don’t want to put your book on the market without adding a professional cover first! While you could create a cover by yourself, you can also start looking for a graphic designer to get the best results. By working with a graphic designer like Caligraphics Design, you can make sure that your book has an attention-grabbing cover that will draw in readers. When you connect with a graphic designer, talk to them about your vision for the cover of the book. Make sure to be clear and specific about what you want, and share details about the plot that will help your graphic designer understand exactly what you’re looking for.

Read Your Book Aloud

If you want to ensure that every sentence in your book flows, it’s a good idea to read it out loud. You’ll be able to see if your dialogue sounds natural, whether or not your sentences are too wordy, and how your overall narrative flows. Reading your book aloud lets you experience your book from your readers’ perspective! Set aside a few hours for this project and give yourself time for making appropriate corrections afterward.

Get Feedback From Beta Readers

Of course, there’s nothing better than getting feedback from real readers before you publish your book! You can get suggestions and comments from readers before publishing by sending out advanced copies to beta readers. To find beta readers, Tiffany Hawk recommends asking your friends and family, trading manuscripts with writer friends, getting involved with an online writing group, or even hiring readers through freelance jobs platforms.

Work With an Editor and Proofreader

To get specific feedback on everything from narrative structure and character development to grammatical mistakes and spelling corrections, you will need to hire an editor and a proofreader. An editor will help you organize and pace your story – basically, their job is to make sure that all of the pieces fit together. On the other hand, a proofreader has an eye for detail, and they will be going over your spelling and grammar to catch any minor mistakes. It’s always a good idea to hire both an editor and a proofreader. They will be able to catch mistakes that you might have glossed over!

Develop a Marketing Strategy

While you could hire a digital marketing consultant to promote your book, you can also take a DIY approach to advertising in order to save money. For instance, you can share the news of your book launch on social media. IngramSpark recommends using hashtags, sticking to a posting schedule to stay consistent, and checking out your analytics on different platforms to make sure you’re reaching your target audience. You can also use an online banner maker to create banners for your profiles based on your book cover. Additionally, you can host a giveaway and hand out free copies of your book to the winners!

Self-publishing a book is a lot of work. You want to make sure that you can reach as many readers as possible when your book hits the market. With these tips, you’ll be able to perfect your final manuscript and impress your readers!

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