Web Design.
At Caligraphics™ we provide custom, quality web solutions for writers and anyone else who needs to establish a presence on the Internet. We do websites, blogs, Facebook graphics and landing pages, YouTube graphics and backgrounds and any other web graphics you might need.

It can be pretty confusing, getting a web site up. There are so many ways to do it, and pricing can range from free to thousands of dollars.

There are three things you need: A domain name, a hosting provider and someone to do the site. You can get your domain name from the hosting provider, but you don’t have to; you can get it from any domain registrar. We can advise you on the best hosting and domain registration solutions, and we offer hosting starting at $49 a year.

Web design by Caligraphics

We consult with our clients via phone and/or email and in person to get the site the way they want it and we put up test pages to be proofed before the site actually goes live. We also do photo optimization, so your pictures and graphics look as good as possible without making the page load too slowly. Another area you want to be aware of is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which gets your site as high as possible in Google, Bing, etc., and Caligraphics™ can do that, too. We can help you plan, produce and promote an affordable web site and there’s no charge for a consultation.