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We do print covers for $79, but discounted by $20 when we do the ebook cover too.

This particular cover illustrates an issue with which designers sometimes have to contend. Do we occasionally sacrifice good design for the client’s wishes? The title and author name are too small to read, but that’s what he wanted. We showed him a proof with larger text, but he didn’t like it. So… we did this, got paid and sent him the cover. Everybody’s happy, right?

CreateSpace cover by Caligraphics

Comps vs. Hi-Rez

We get a lot of photos from  They’re usually pretty reliable, with a lot of good quality photos to choose from. We download free comps to work with and when the client approves the design – typically a book cover – We’ll get the hi-rez version and use an image editor to create the final. But this latest one was quite at variance with the comp that I showed the client, and I had to run curves on it, reduce the contrast and blur it to get it to look like the proof.

photo of a girl

girl within girl ebook cover

Final ebook cover.

We Must Return

“Mr. Cal Sharp has asked me to write a short note recommending his company, Caligraphics, and it is my pleasure to do so. I chose the ebook company Smashwords to publish and distribute my new ebook, and they recommended a number of cover artist and document formatters to contact and work with. After reviewing each service provider in the list, Cal’s cover art impressed me the most. And since he offered both cover design and manuscript formatting to Smashwords specs, it was an easy decision. The cover art proof process and selection was quick and the final design was liked by all. The manuscript formatting was perfect and it uploaded flawlessly to Smashwords. I highly recommend Cal and his company Caligraphics for your next ebook cover and formatting.”

July 20, 2016; William D. Eatwell / ebook: We Must Return.

We Must Return ebook cover

Our latest ebook cover…

with the images that make up the ebook cover.  Available at Smashwords.

“I dig it, Cal, very much.  Really great work!  You’ll be hearing from me again soon when Soul Searchers: Book 2 is ready.  Your work here is incredible and much appreciated.  I’m not only satisfied but ecstatic that I chose Caligraphics and will recommend you to anyone seeking affordable, timely, and effective cover art and ebook formatting.  Thanks once again.  It’s been a blast. “

–  Dan

ebook cover by Caligraphics

ebook cover images